Wynwood Kitchen and Bar will Dazzle the Senses

wynwood kitchen and bar 150x150 Wynwood Kitchen and Bar will Dazzle the SensesLeave it to the Goldmans to come up with another tantalizing ingredient to help organically grow and attract attention to the Wynwood Arts District, which Goldman Properties has a significant stake in. Their latest addition, Wynwood Kitchen and Bar, on the corner of NW 2nd Ave and 26th ST is obviously part of a master plan to compliment Wynwood Walls and Joey’s Restaurant to create an bonafide anchor to NW 2nd Ave’s row of galleries and other retail. Wynwood Kitchen and Bar is not just a restaurant, it is going to be a spectacle as it showcases its own impressive art and murals and is attached to and has outdoor seating within the now well known Wynwood Walls. It will make the restaurant truly unique and sure to get people buzzing. Judging by Goldmans other restaurants, I am sure the food will but well above par also. The restaurant is planned to open up on November 26th, so we will not have to wait long to find out. This will be one to watch as I expect it to be one coolest new restaurants of 2011.

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