Wynwood Market Update

Wynwood Real Estate 150x150 Wynwood Market UpdateWynwood has been picking up steam lately in its process of rejuvination. In the past two months it picked up two hip coffee houses, Panther Coffee, located at 2390 NW second ave, and Lester’s, located at 2519 NW 2nd Ave. Most people from Midtown or Edgewater can check them out during the highly popular Wynwood Art Walks but it will likely take some time before business is booming at these locations but eventually it will if the owners have the patience.

One recent important development in the area is that the new Charlie’s Angels TV series will set up home-base right in the heart of Wynwood. We already have seen some movies such as The Rock of Love being shot there as well as many other artistic endeavors but the fact that there will be a running TV show the caliber of Charlies Angels will have a much bigger impact on the local economy. If anything, the chance to spot some hot celeb’s at these coffee houses might bring some more attention to these currently low-key establishments.

The residential areas immediately around the NW 2nd Ave epicenter of Wynwood are still in bad shape and I have not seen much construction activity that would indicate immediate change is on the horizon. However, I can see that this continue improvement of this unique retail strip can create the type of fascinating embryo that will attract residential developers immediately next to it and then spread onward. The buzz is still going strong.

There has not been much commercial real estate activity on the selling side. I believe because many real estate owners are either underwater on their mortgages and the banks are not moving much to write off commercial loans just yet to allow for significant numbers of short sales, and also because owners see what is happening in the area and would not want to sell at depressed prices if they don’t have to. There is certainly upside potential but anyone that needs to sell now would have to contend with the reality of the market today.

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