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Florida Judge Rules in Favor of Homeowners

In Reddick Florida this past December, the defendants won a non-jury trial in a case where they defaulted on a home mortgage back in 2008. The Judge ruled that Chase Home Finance, LLC, the previous lender and plantiff, failed to … Continue reading

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Rockwood Capital Scoops up Downtown Miami Everglades Condos

New York based, Rockwood Capital has won at a foreclosure auction what is likely to be the last major bulk condo deal for a while in Miami. The auction was for a the first mortgage construction loan made by Bank … Continue reading

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Clearance Sale 2010-2011: Miami Real Estate

Once a market starts moving in a single direction for a period of years the public tends to develop a sense that it will continue in that direction ad infinitum or at least for many more years. The press often caters to this perception by publishing things and highlighting sensational aspects that seem to validate this belief. This is the case with Miami real estate and it presents a tremendous opportunity as we enter in the final stages of this clearance sale of distressed properties.
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